5 things you didn’t know chiropractic can help with!

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May 8, 2020
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Here are five things you may not know chiropractic can help with



Millions of Americans suffer from migraines every single year and many times they take dangerous medications that can affect their liver and kidneys to ease the symptoms of #migraines. Did you know that chiropractic many times can actually help reduce the irritation of the nerves that lead to the headaches you are having? 

One thing you want to do is see a chiropractor to properly diagnose what is causing the headaches. Is it a tension headache, cluster headache, migraine, pinched nerve or are you just dehydrated? There are lots of things that can cause headaches so you want to see a professional who can figure out what exactly is causing your migraines rather than just medicating the symptoms. 




Do you also know that chiropractic can help with vertigo and tinnitus? Vertigo comes from what’s called the vestibular apparatus, which is located inside your inner ear. When abnormalities occur with the otolith, which is a small stone that floats around the inner ear to provide proprioceptive input, it can cause vertigo or ringing in the ear. This can cause you to have dizziness and many times it can lead to you not being able to walk properly or even be bad enough to cause vomiting, leaving you stuck in bed in incapacitated. 




Another condition chiropractic can help with is carpal tunnel. 50% of carpal tunnel surgeries end up failing because they don’t address the proximal nerve entrapments in the arms and shoulders. So many times when you go in for surgery they only cut a small portion between the wrist to release what’s called the flexor retinaculum. However the entrapment actually exists in the elbow, shoulder or neck and if that remains untreated the symptoms of carpal tunnel will remain. 




Finally we have TMJ or temporomandibular disorders. TMJ has to do with misalignments of the jaw. If you get clicking popping, crepitus or discomfort with eating in your jaw that many times can be due to a misalignment of the jaw or cervical spine. Chiropractors relieve the tight muscles and adjust misalignments in the neck that are causing an offset of the axis of the head. Helping the TMJ and correcting the source of the problem giving relief to the symptoms.

So if you have any of these conditions make sure to see a licensed chiropractor and have an exam or an x-ray to evaluate what can be done for you because there’s no need to suffer needlessly through these types of pain. Give us a call if you have further questions at (949) 470-4757. Just remember when your body’s out of whack Dr Hamilton’s got your back.


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