When is it time to get a new pillow?

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May 6, 2021
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Before buying a new pillow, try evaluating the pillows you already own. Ask yourself questions like:


  • How long can you sleep comfortably with that pillow?
  • How many times do you wake to adjust the pillow?
  • How long does it take to get comfortable with the pillow?
  • How much pain do you feel in your neck when you wake in the morning?


If you’re waking up many times in the night to readjust your pillows, if your pillows are perpetually flat or if your pillows leave you with an increase in pain the morning, it’s time to get a new pillow better suited for your needs. There is no perfect pillow that fits everyone, so try a few and find which works best for you.




  1. Mediflow 1066 Elite FIberfill Waterbased Pillow. The waterbased system was studied at John Hopkins University. The study found that the pillow was ranked best in all 5 categories tested. The unique waterbase can be adjusted to any level of support; soft, medium or firm by simply adding water. The waterbase also responds to head movement as you sleep to provide proper support for spinal alignment and reduce the number of times you wake to fluff and readjust during sleep.
  2. Tri-core Cervical Pillow. This specifically designed pillow comes in three sizes and two firmness levels to meet the needs of many patients. In addition, the special contour design can meet the needs of back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and more. Tri-core is designed to provide support that prevents subluxations and neck pain.
  3. Sleep Innovations Versacurve Multi-Position Memory Foam Pillow. For anyone who changes positions during the night, this pillow is curved for comfort shaped for support. The softly curved shape ensures gentle, therapeutic support for shoulders of side sleepers and neck of back sleepers, while having a low, comfortable profile for stomach sleepers. Experience less tossing, less turning and more deep sleeping.
  4. Snuggle-pedic shredded style memory foam pillow. This memory foam pillow is made from shredded pieces of memory foam. Like other memory foam pillows, the Snuggle-pedic never goes flat. Compared to solid core memory foam, the Snuggle-pedic shredded memory foam is very flexible and readjust itself all night long, to meet your needs while you sleep.
  5. Z Zoned Dough Gel Infused Memory Foam. The Z Zoned Gel infused memory foam pillow offers more support that standard memory foam pillows, which gives it an advantage over other memory foam products. Support throughout the pillow changes to accommodate your neck, so each part of your body gets exactly the type of support it needs while you rest.


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