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Physical Therapist

Dr Lachelle Chapman DPT

Restoring muscle balance, tone and proper firing patterns are how physical therapy helps to reduce pain and increase joint mobility.

Muscle Pain? Achy Joints? Arthritis? These are just a few of the many conditions Physical Therapy can help with. 40 hours work weeks in front of a computer, coupled with our fast-paced lifestyles commonly wear on the body leading to the question, "Will I develop pain and muscle imbalances?” Most People who sit in an office for long hours, eventually develop muscle imbalance over time. Muscle imbalances can further develop into severe pain and spasm if not addressed. In such cases, physical therapy is an effective solution to improve the muscular imbalances, relieve stress, and eventually, get rid of the pain. Physical Therapy can help.

What is Physical Therapy and Why Do You Need It?

Orange County Physical Therapy uses therapeutic exercises, stretches and activities to reprogram corrupted muscular firing patterns and imbalances. This improves posture, blood flow and energy levels because your body is functioning more optimally rather than wasting energy on inefficient physiological mechanics or movement patterns. Physical therapy works on neuromuscular re-education to reduce pain and increases joint mobility, which assist patients with chronic or acute pain ranging from simple to very complex clinical cases.

Physical therapy focuses on improving the overall lifestyle of a patient by treating weak muscles and imbalances that cause inflammation or pinched nerves. Many people experiencing severe joint pain see positive results with physical therapy treatment and are able to get back to living a higher quality of life.

One of the biggest medical issues experienced by people after the age of 30 is decreased mobility of joints. Muscles tighten up and as a result, it becomes difficult for people to perform certain physical tasks such as bending or lifting. In some cases, people even start to experience difficulty with movement, walking and standing up straight. In such cases, various strengthening and stretching exercises can restore the mobility of joints and correct imbalances that can cause pain. Physical therapy improves the joint and muscle mobility which eventually improves the neuromuscular abilities of the patient.

Orange County physical therapy can help patients recover from sports injuries. Every weekend warrior runs the risk of injury over time. Sports injuries can damage soft tissues resulting in severe muscle pain. Our physiotherapists are experienced in treating several sports injuries using various techniques of physical therapy.