Back Pain Relief Exercises

Exercise Videos

Please enjoy the many Exercise videos below.

Always consult your chiropractor before starting or modifying your exercise routine. The videos below range from simple kinetic chain exercises and stretches to specific movement patterns that are geared towards correcting neurological or disc related pathologies. Majority of these exercises are meant to be performed before or several hours after your chiropractic adjustment.

Back Pain Exercises for Disc Buldge / Herniation & Disc Degeneration.

Back Pain Stretches for Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome.

Disc Buldge Exercise

Core Stabilization with Plank Exercise

Oblique Stabilization with Side Plank

Back & Hip Pain Stretch for Psoas

Hamstring Stretch for Disc Degeneration Patients

Dynamic Core Stabilization for Back Pain

Neck and Upper Back Pain Exercise

Knee Pain Stretch

Dr Hamilton on Kcal 9