Physical Therapists Lake Forest and Orange County

Physical Therapist

Dr Lachelle Chapman DPT

Restoring muscle balance, tone and proper firing patterns is how physical therapy helps to reduce pain and increase joint mobility.

Muscle Pain? Achy Joints? Arthritis? These are just a few of the many conditions a Physical Therapy in California can help with. 40 hour work weeks in front of a computer, coupled with our fast paced lifestyles commonly means the question is not, "will you develop muscle imbalances? But when will you develop them?" Physical Therapy can help! Dr Chapman is also Pilates Mat certified which means she has the talents and intelligence to get you back in the game and feeling great.

What is Physical Therapy?

Orange County Physical Therapy uses therapeutic exercises, stretches and activities to reprogram corrupted muscular firing patterns and imbalances. This improves posture, blood flow and energy levels because your body is functioning more optimally rather than wasting energy on inefficient physiological mechanics or movement patterns. Physical therapy works on neuromuscular re-education to reduce pain and increases joint mobility, which assist patients with chronic or acute pain ranging from simple to very complex clinical cases. Call or email use today for more information on how physical therapy can get you feeling better and back to enjoying life on your own terms.