Advantages of Digital X-rays

Digital radiology may represent the greatest technological advancement in medical imaging over the last decade.

The use of radiographic films in x-ray imaging might become obsolete in a few years. An appropriate analogy that is easy to understand is the replacement of typical film cameras with digital cameras. Images can be immediately acquired, deleted, modified, and subsequently sent to a network of computers or other physicians to speed up diagnosis and treatment. This is why South Orange County Chiropractic has invested in this technology to provide the best care available in California.

Now your doctor can view the images on a computer within seconds of the procedure.

Digital X-rays

Patient can have the x-ray images on a compact disk or sent through email to take to another physician or hospital.

The images are no longer held in a single location; but can be seen simultaneously by physicians hundreds of miles apart. Another key advantage is that Digital X-rays offer a significant reduction in radiation doses compared to film based X-rays used in many other offices. Digital technology is not only a safe and effective tool for diagnosis it leads to a quicker formulation of treatment protocols to get patient’s back to feeling better and enjoying life.

Lose the film and toxic X-ray development chemicals.

Because we don’t need film to take digital images, we no longer need to keep developing chemicals in the office, thereby eliminating a potential source of toxic carcinogen exposure to both you and our staff. There are no fumes that can escape and permeate carpets, upholstery, clothing, etc. At the same time the elimination of these products cuts costs passing on the savings to you.

Digital X-rays are of higher quality than conventional films. They can also be improved through image manipulation and computer programs. By enlarging, brightening and otherwise clarifying images, we – and you – can get a better view of the condition and diagnosis leading to a better understanding of your treatment protocols. Consequently, we can often catch problems in their earlier stages making treatment fast and effective.